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From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 14:33:34 2000


   Thanks for all the info. I just opened it up and the board is marked
"model 1 Rev 1.1. The EPROM says "ROM 1.3" and what looks like "71FB". I
tried to remove the drives and board to get a better look at things but it
needs a very narrow offset screwdriver to get the screws out of the middle
between the two drives so I wasn't able to. Thanks for the info about the
printer port. That could have been a costly mistake!


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>> >> I'm looking for info on the Morrow Micro Decision. If anyone knows
>> >> about them, let me know.
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>> >Which one is it, Joe? I am fairly familiar with the 5.25" floppy ones,
>> >the 2, 3, 5, 11, and nn.
>> > - don
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>> I don't know what model it is. It's not marked on the model anywhere.
>> The serial number is 34-22965 if that helps. I searched the web but didn't
>> find out much. A lot of sites mention the Morrow but none of them had
>> pictures or much of a description. One site said that it they had two
>> drives, then they were MD-2s. Mine has two HH drives but it doesn't look
>> like his. I'm in the process of adding it to my web site and I should have
>> links in there soon but in the mean time you can look at the pictures
>> directly at "" and
>> "". Also here's one for
>> the Paratronics Logic Analyzer;
>> "". I've scanned the
>> cover of the Paratronics manual and I'll be posting it too.
>Joe, from the front and rear shots that you posted, I'm morally certain
>that it is an MD-2. The fixed power cord and the 2/3rd-high drives
>both suggest that. The MD-3 had half-high drives and usually they were
>stacked as was mentioned by Bill Dawson. If you want to check further,
>remove the cover and look at the EPROM for a number. If 1.n it is MD-2,
>or if 2.n it is MD-3. Also the motherboard ID silkscreened in the upper
>RH corner will show Rev 1.1 for MD-2 and 2.n(?) for MD-3.
>One further item. The card edge connector in back that is marked
>'External Drives' is NOT. It is a parallel port for printer use. One
>of the old TRS printer cables will work with it, but be careful that you
>do not short out the signals and power.
>There is an external drive connection on the MD-3, but it is a header on
>the left hand end of the motherboard, and you have to snake the ribbon
>cable out some way. Probably, by the parallel edge connection.
> - don
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