GOOD scrounging day!

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 09:32:31 2000

At 12:45 AM 12/10/00 -0500, you wrote:
>-> I should have links in there soon but in the mean time you can look
>at the pictures
>-> directly at ""
>MD2? MD3's have HH drives stacked on the left and a filler panel on the
>right, at least the ones I have.

    I just opened it up and checked the circuit board. It says that it's a
model 1. Rev 1.1 . I'll make some pictures of the insides and post them as
I take it apart.

>-> Also here's one for the Paratronics Logic Analyzer;
>I built one of these from a kit about 1976. It worked well for many
>years. One of those things I regret having not kept.
>Fred from Dynacomp sold one earlier this year on eBay and it went for
>much more than I was willing to spend ( >$100.00 IIRC)

   Thanks for the info, Bill. I was wondering what something like this
would bring on E-Overpay but it's kinda of neat so I think I'll keep it.
But it's nice to have an idea of what it's worth.

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