World's Crappiest Drives (was Re: A&J Microdrive)

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 19:47:57 2000

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>

>We won't talk about the TK50.

TK50 is the only one that hasn't messed me up. Then again most of the
TK50s found are dead or nearly so.

HPT20 travan-5, burnt me so bad... Seems the _tape_ moves so
fast it heats up... alot... then be come useless due to heat.

>I will, however, nominate any hard disk Micropolis made which was in a
>smaller form factor than 5.25" FH. Garbage.

D540, best drive ever.

>> Bulletproof drives:
>> Seagate St225,251, and 4096 interface version notwithstanding

ST225 is a good one, the 251 and 4096 were junk. The ST251
was far to hot running to survive unless cooled with great effort.

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