World's Crappiest Drives (was Re: A&J Microdrive)

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Date: Sun Dec 10 20:34:50 2000

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> ST225 is a good one, the 251 and 4096 were junk. The ST251
> was far to hot running to survive unless cooled with great effort.

Well, at least one survives:

Last week a frantic woman brought a Zenith Data Systems DOS-based PC into our
shop. It wouldn't boot and she was in desperate need of retrieving some
1-2-3 files from the drive -- an ST251. Turns out the system battery had
died, and once replaced we were able to get the system going and the drive
looked healthy (as healthy as a Seagate MFM drive ever looks).

Since it was in and out of the shop so quickly we didn't get much of a chance
to check out the system (Z200? S200?) but it looked as if the mainboard was
pretty much just a backplane, with the 10MHz AMD 286 CPU on an ISA card.

Anyone familiar with this beast? It looked pretty cool. Could cards with
faster CPUs be installed in place of the 286 card?

Glen Goodwin
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