Fw: Professors worry that engineering students don't tinker

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Subject: Re: Professors worry that engineering students don't tinker

>From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
>>> >-tony (who grew up holding a acrewdriver, built his first radio 28
>>> >ago. For the UK people, the semiconductors were an OC45
>>> >RF/AF stage), 2 OC71s (AF stages) and a couple of OA81 diodes. That
>>> >should identify it. And who's probably fiddled with more pieces of
>>> >machinery and electronics than an entire graduating engineering
>>> >at most universities...)
>>You know, I am a little concerned that not one UK member of this list
>>recognises that radio circuit. I thought just about everybody built it
>>some point...
>Actually it's more unique to the UK than here in the usa. The common
>transistor radios here were the very simple 2 transistor reflex and the
>six transistor superhet.
>I'm likely one of the few here that has built the AA5 (all American 5) 5
>tube AM superhet that was common, later transistor designs and IC
>based systems. Most of my efforts were in generatiing RF power
>and measuring it. the thing that keep my interest is the intersection
>of communications (radio) and computers.
>Building and analysing already built machines is a great exercise and
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