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From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Dec 11 09:21:54 2000

At 05:13 PM 12/10/00 -0500, Larry wrote:
>> LOL! I'd heard that it cost the Democrats an average of $30 per vote
>> so the price sounds about right.
>> Joe
>> At 07:08 PM 12/9/00 -0600, you wrote:
>> >
>> >Florida ballot Hollerith card chad is going for $20-40 +$3-7 S/H on
>> >eBay. In some cases, the *single* chad is behind glass in its own
>> >8x10 frame.
>> >
>> >- John
>> >
>> >
> BRRAAP. As a foreign observer who like most look on in horror at
>a win by another Bush Republican Yahoo and who usually avoid
>political comment with denizens of the Excited States (among the
>most naive voters in the world) I can only suggest that the
>Republican campaign was equally well funded.

    That's very true. In fact, the Republicans are usually better funded
since they are typically pro big business and they get MASSIVE
contributions from them. But my previous comment was about the price of
chad and how much the Democrats spend per vote and I never made any
observation about how much the two partys spent relative to each other.
EVERYONE in this country realizes that if the situation was reversed (the
Democrats slightly ahead and the Republicans behind) then the Republicans
would be doing that same sort of things to change the outcome.

  "Excited States"? Hmmm. You obviously believe everything that you see on
the TV news. With very few exceptions, the news people are the only ones
excited. For 99.99% of the country it's business as usual. I should say
that most of the people on this list are from the "Excited States". Have
you noticed any decrease in traffic here since the recent elections? I

 Both are corporate
>creatures, just different flavors.

   True again. My opinion of the Democrats and Republicans are that they
are like the two sides of the same coind. They're more alike than
different. If you want different then look at the Green's party or some of
the other third partys.

 Let's restrict political commentary
>to political newsgroups or lists so I don't always have to bite my
>tongue and avoid retching. What goes over with the "good ol' boys
>in Texas or Louisiana" can be laughable or offensive internationally.

     You can be sure that we view many foreign political events and
elections the same way. The LOONNGG running treat of Quebec to succeed from
Canada is a good example. My comment on that one is to be carefull what you
wish for, it may come true!

   In the mean time, lighten up! Both the previous messages were meant to
be humerous and not serious political commentary!


   (just for the record, I didn't vote for either of them. I voted for one
of the third party candidates.)
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