GOOD scrounging day!

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Dec 11 09:11:30 2000

At 07:52 PM 12/10/00 -0800, Don wrote:
>> I just found out that this is a model 1 (or so the circuit board says).
>> From what little I found on the net, these are scarcer than the 2 and 3s.
>I'm not sure that is so, Joe, as the circuit board that I looked at says
>the same thing and I know it came from an MD-2. If there was a Model 1
>machine the difference must have been in the power supply having the
>fixed vice removable power cord or something like that.
     I think you're probably right about the card being the same in both
(all?) models. I guess I'm going to have to find a factory ad or something
similar from the period to find out exactly what model it is. It definitely
dates from 1982. That's the copyright on the board and all the ICs that I
checked had that date. However I thought that was a bit late for the SA200

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