Kansas City standard cassette recording

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Date: Mon Dec 11 08:24:10 2000

On Sat, 9 Dec 2000 21:12:49 -0800 (PST) Sellam Ismail
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> On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Don Maslin wrote:
> > If anyone obtained those images and circuit information, please respond
> > to philpem_at_btinternet.com with Cc to me.
> <...>
> >
> > From Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques by
> > Austin Lesea and Rodnay Zaks (whatever happened to him?)
Rodnay Zaks, the guru of "Programming the 6502", amongst
others. I still have the copy that I bought in about 1981,
as well as the "6502 Applications Book" and some of the
later ones like the CP/M guide and the Wordstar guide. I
think these were Sybex books but not written by Rodnay Zaks.

Sybex is still around, publishing a range of books with
chimpanzees on the covers. So, whatever did happen to Mr.

> > c/r 1978 SYBEX Inc.
> > ISBN 0-89588-003-2
> > p. 128
> I just found my copy of this. Does someone still need something scanned?

I think I have a copy, too. I'll have a look for it. Also
seem to recall circuits published for Kansas City tape
decoders in electronics magazines. Byte, even, when it was
a more hardware-oriented magazine.

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