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From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Dec 11 13:09:12 2000

At 11:57 AM 12/11/00 -0500, Larry wrote:
> My apologies Joe. I thought this was political commentary which
>from time-to-time has reared it's contentious head, sometimes in
>the form of bad humour. And yes the complex Quebec situation is
>bewildering and not only to non-Canadians.

  No problem. Sometimes it's hard to understand what's going on in other
countries, especially in the political systems.

> Knee-jerk reaction. You can't watch TV without something coming
>up about the US election.

    If you think it's bad there, you should be here! I've discovered news
channels that I never knew existed! The news media (at least in the US)
runs every story into the ground until the next story comes along and then
they drop it like a hot potato.

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