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From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Dec 11 13:17:22 2000

At 09:28 AM 12/11/00 -0800, Eric wrote:
>> BRRAAP. As a foreign observer who like most look on in horror at
>> a win by another Bush Republican Yahoo and who usually avoid
>> political comment with denizens of the Excited States (among the
>> most naive voters in the world) I can only suggest that the
>> Republican campaign was equally well funded. Both are corporate
>> creatures, just different flavors.
>I think you're missing the point. Republicans don't pay for votes.
>They pay good money to have votes thrown out or ignored. Of course,
>that's only if they haven't spent enough money preventing "the wrong
>people" from voting in the first place.

    Just FWIW, if that's the case then the Republicans failed. The voter
turnout here was staggering. Some areas had as high as a 98% turnout.
That's amazing considering that 40% is typical. I wonder how long it will
be till we have a 130+% turnout like Chicago under Richard (Vote Early and
Vote Often) Daily?

    I remember something from Political Science class along the lines of,
people elect Democrats to get the benefits of big government. Then they
elect Republicans to protect themselves from other people's Democrats.

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