Vintage computers in movies

From: Ernest <>
Date: Tue Dec 12 22:43:16 2000

My girlfriend was watching the movie "Pretty in Pink" the other day, and I
stopped to watch the library scene, where Molly Ringwald was doing some
typing on her computer, and was rudely interrupted by her would-be teenage
boyfriend. That's when I realized that the computer that she was using was a
Televideo TS-802(or 803?) Does anyone remember that scene -with the magic
photos and computer sounds that you never hear outside of the movies?

It got me thinking though about other old computers that I've seen in movies
recently. Here's what I can remember so far.

Televideo TS-802 -Pretty in Pink
AT&T 6300 -Secret to My Success
IMSAI -Wargames

I've seen various IBM PC's but I was thinking about the older Non-IBM PC
systems. Can anyone remember other movies with vintage computers?

What was the computer they used in Weird Science? Didn't they use something
unusual in Ferris Buhler's Day Off(did I spell his last name correctly?)

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