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From: John Tinker <jtinker_at_coin.org>
Date: Tue Dec 12 23:01:00 2000

> > I then did some looking around in the dark and my heater seems to be
> > malfunctioning... it doens't glow, it more sparks. The picture is really

Arcing is happening at the site of the problem. It could be inside of the pin,
where solder has dribbled out, or wasn't too good to begin with. Or, as has
been suggested, where the pin socket connects to the board.

> > light and fades away to black. It will occasionally come back but
> > usually fades again right away.

Fading is compatible with the idea that the heater is cooling off, due to an

> So I looked along the little clear bulb
> > on the back of the crt and ther was a small block dot on one part that
> > looks like somethign underneith it had burned. The dot was about a cm in
> >
> > diameter.. maybe 2, but it was very small. Does this mean the heater is

A 2 cm burn sounds big. I would investigate the cause of the burn. A
intermittent connection can get hot.

-- John Tinker
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