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From: Phil Dibowitz <>
Date: Wed Dec 13 01:03:49 2000

Thanks to all who have responded... based on many replies, I think I
understand everything well enough to ask better questions:

> If the 'burn mark' on the inside of the neck of the tube is silvery-edged
> and/or mettallic looking, then it is possible that is the residue of the
> "getter" flash. To sweep out the last of the reactive gas molecules that

Yeah, silvery, not flaky. So that's a good thing

> On the other front, if the heater is 'arcing' in the tube, this could
> mean that it is actually open and not making contact all the time, or that
> there is a short between the heater element and the cathode
> structure... both of which scenarios bode ill for your Tube. The picture
> disturbances that you report sound like loss-of-emission symptoms that I
> would expect to see if the heater/filament is intermittent.

Ok, what exactly does it mean for a heater to be arcing? It starts to glow
then stops, then starts, then stops.
Also, Several people have have used intermittent in this context and I'm not
quite sure I understand... it is intermittent in the fact that it
intermittently starts and stops glowing...

I have my TV closed again, but when I open it up again I want to have a list
of all the things I need to look for and what to do about them. So far, I know
I need to look for bad connectiions, broken 'pins', to make double sure the
little mark is silvery instead of gray. However, all the wires and soldering
seemed to be in tact, of the connections I could see everything was fine. BTW,
I'm relatively (70%) sure I know what parts are what based on descriptions
here, but does anyone know of a site with pictures that labels different parts
so I can get a better idea of what is what? Thanks.

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