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From: Bill Dawson <>
Date: Wed Dec 13 11:36:08 2000

-> Also, Several people have used intermittent in this context and I'm
-> quite sure I understand... it is intermittent in the fact that it
-> intermittently starts and stops glowing...


-> I have my TV closed again, but when I open it up again I want to have
a list
-> of all the things I need to look for and what to do about them. So
far, I know
-> I need to look for bad connections, broken 'pins', to make double
sure the
-> little mark is silvery instead of gray. However, all the wires and
-> seemed to be in tact, of the connections I could see everything was

The thing to look for as far as bad connections go is a cold solder
joint. These are a result of thermal fatigue/cycling and physical
stresses. You should look _very_ closely in the places Tony mentioned,
especially where the CRT socket is soldered to the little board at the
rear of the CRT and where the flyback is soldered to the mainboard. A
cold solder joint will usually look normal without a close inspection
(unless you have a lot of experience at these things), but a closer look
will reveal a slight ring around the socket pin, flyback pin or wire,
within the circumference of the solder pad. Sometimes the contact will
be bad right at the solder/pin interface. That is unless the solder has
totally popped away from the circuit pad, which is another type of cold
solder joint related to initial improper soldering. I'd recommend
resoldering every connection for the CRT socket and flyback transformer
and seeing if this fixes the problem.

If you are inexperienced at soldering/resoldering, I'm sure we can
start a new thread. d8^)

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