First personal computer nostalgia

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Wed Dec 13 17:26:28 2000

Mark Price skrev:

>1985,86? Atari 520ST, still have it, and thanks to John's question, anxious
>to put it back together and see how it's doing. My wife was still writing
>grad-school papers on it in '90 or so. 1st Word, no spell-check, no page
>numbering, not much formatting at all. The printer was a Silver Reed
>daisy-wheel typewriter with an optional interface box. (Still have that,
>too.) Clackety-clackety-clack. It paused between pages so you could switch
>paper. I recall with mixed fondness/not-so-fondness pulling all-night term
>paper sessions, the last hour or so of which consisted in sitting there,
>changing paper in the printer...zzzzzzzzz. At time of purchase, I was
>insanely jealous of my friend's Atari 1050ST with the humongous 1mb hard
>disk: "The silence of those infinite spaces terrified me." --Pascal.
>(Blaise, not Turbo.)

I'm sorry, but I feel it's nitpicking time...
I've never heard of an Atari 1050ST before, nor of a 1 MB hard drive fitted to
an ST. OTOH, there is the Atari 1040ST, which had 1 MB of RAM.

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