WANG, strange PC and Apple 1 prototypes

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Wed Dec 13 17:57:13 2000

Dave McGuire skrev:

>On December 13, Adrian Graham wrote:
>> Isn't it true that several years ago Wang came up with a new customer
>> programme called "Wang Care" and the guy that came up with the name was
>> fired?

> I dunno about that, but I first heard it from the same guy that told
>me that Wang was merging with Siemens.

They too? Fujitsu-ICL (Didn't they once devour Bull or Nokia data?) have
recently merged with Siemens' computer division, too. And they've managed to
make a mess out of their websites, too, unluckily for those of us looking for
a manual or other relevant info on our non-mainframes.

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