Vintage computers in movies

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 16:14:42 2000

On December 13, Ernest wrote:
> >Televideo TS-802 -Pretty in Pink
> >AT&T 6300 -Secret to My Success
> >IMSAI -Wargames
> >HP-150 -Real Genius
> >GE Differential Analyzer (UCLA) -When Worlds Collide
> >Thinking Machines CM-5 -Jurrasic Park
> >Memotech FDX500 or MTX512 -Weird Science
> >Mac Plus -Star Trek IV
> >VAX 11/750 with IBM 3290 plasma display panels -some independant film (?)
> It's kind of cool to be able to spot a vintage computer that you recognize
> in a movie. I never noticed the computers in "Secret to my Success" until I
> found a AT&T 6300, and then the computers on the desks might as well of had
> flashing red lights on them. "Hey! I've got one of those."

  Wait a minute...Wasn't it a 7300, not a 6300, in the "Secret of my

         -Dave McGuire
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