RJ21 to AppleTalk?

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Thu Dec 14 16:17:09 2000

As I mentioned in the G4 to IIgs thread, I have a bunch of networking and
bridge devices and software. Lots of it I don't know how to use, some of it
is downright pesky in how time has treated it.

Farallon. Sheesh, great stuff, key pieces uniformly missing. Farallon,
otherwise one of the BEST companies for support, split into Netopia and
Farallon, and orphaned all the old stuff. I have some StarRouters,
powerfull ethernet to Appletalk boxes, but even the stuff I have purchased
new in the box expects parts that appear no longer to exist. For example
the AppleTalk side of the box is a Phone style RJ21 (looks just like a
Centronics 50 to me).

I have ONE RJ21 to snake of RJ11 PhoneNets, but thats about the only device
I have EVER even put my hands on. Ebay has a couple items, a RJ11 patchbay
(no RJ21 cable), and a RJ21 to punchdown block (with a large reserve to
cover the "value" of the punchdown block). Pinout is trivial, each side of
the RJ21 makes a PhoneNet pair, with one pair terminated.

Unfortunately, devices and cables routinely get separated when the stuff
gets scraped. Makes me wonder how I would like to proceed, I mean
LocalTalk/Phonenet isn't exactly a real hotbed of activity, and I do have
alternate solutions (ie FastPath), but I REALLY hate to see this good
product shuffled off due to support issues. Anybody that has Farallon stuff
or knowledge, I would like to chat with before I just give up on it.
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