GS disks an' that.

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 15:59:58 2000

I know serveral FAQs talk about data transfer to Apple II type systems from
various other systems, but this is just complex enough it really does
deserve a GOOD complete writeup someplace. The trouble is that much of the
"action" now is diverse, PC or Mac emulation, Apple II vs IIe vs IIgs, and
the solutions are different.

How can you get from a G4 to a IIgs?

Floppy, easy put a 3.5" 1.4MB compatible floppy on each system.

Serial, make one of the funky Serial null/modem type cables.

Network, setup an Ethernet to PhoneNet bridge. This is my choice, since in
the long run it is usefull for a variety of devices and its fast. PhoneNet
plugs right into a IIgs, and supports AppleTalk and MacTcp (something like
that, that means TCP/IP packets get encapsulated in AppleTalk), and
serveral "boxes" and old macs running software work fine as bridges. A
FastPath 4 "looks" like the best solution to me right now, but I am still
very seriously in the learning stage and buying anything I see that looks
curious. This also means I have a lot of stuff for sale too, but I'm not
real organized right now, so email me directly for stuff. (see related RJ21
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