RJ21 to AppleTalk?

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Thu Dec 14 19:36:57 2000

>On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, Mike Ford wrote:
>> I have ONE RJ21 to snake of RJ11 PhoneNets, but thats about the only device
>> I have EVER even put my hands on. Ebay has a couple items, a RJ11 patchbay
>> (no RJ21 cable), and a RJ21 to punchdown block (with a large reserve to
>> cover the "value" of the punchdown block). Pinout is trivial, each side of
>> the RJ21 makes a PhoneNet pair, with one pair terminated.
>There's a local electronics surplus shop brimming with Farallon PhoneNet
>stuff. I'll find out what it is and let you know, and if it's something
>you can use I'll pick it up for you. These are new in the original

My prefered bit would be a couple RJ21 to RJ11 snakes, and/or a couple RJ21
to RJ11 socket "harmonica" (I think thats what the patch panel of RJ11
phonenet sockets is called).

I don't really have a big desire to buy and learn to use punchdown blocks
and tools, and don't "really" have a use other than playing with it.
Unfortunately the darn boxes were "made" for serious use in wiring closets
etc., and my house was built by idiots with bell wire instead of twisted

Let me know what you find.
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