RJ21 to AppleTalk?

From: Henry Broekhuyse <broekh_at_interchange.ubc.ca>
Date: Thu Dec 14 19:17:38 2000

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, Mike Ford wrote:

> I have ONE RJ21 to snake of RJ11 PhoneNets, but thats about the
> only device
> I have EVER even put my hands on. Ebay has a couple items, a RJ11 patchbay
> (no RJ21 cable), and a RJ21 to punchdown block (with a large reserve to
> cover the "value" of the punchdown block). Pinout is trivial, each side of
> the RJ21 makes a PhoneNet pair, with one pair terminated.
> Unfortunately, devices and cables routinely get separated when the stuff
> gets scraped. Makes me wonder how I would like to proceed, I mean
> LocalTalk/Phonenet isn't exactly a real hotbed of activity, and I do have
> alternate solutions (ie FastPath), but I REALLY hate to see this good
> product shuffled off due to support issues. Anybody that has
> Farallon stuff
> or knowledge, I would like to chat with before I just give up on it.

There is still a fair bit of information about this equipment on Farallon's
web site. As you probably realize, one has to consider that only a very
large Localtalk network warrants the trouble of setting up a StarController
and its associated cabling. My office still has a "decommissioned" one,
which hasn't seen service since we switched to using ethernet.
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