Mac IIfx and IEEE-488 interface

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 21:11:14 2000

Who made the card? I've seen HP-IB cards for the Mac and I've seen a
National Instruments card that had what appeared to be a HP-IB port but
when I checked with N.I. about the card they said that it was not NP_IB but
some kind a data acquision card.

At 05:28 PM 12/14/00 -0800, you wrote:
>> I was checking out some Mac IIfx machines today and they had
>>what appeared to be boards with a single IEEE-488 connector on them.
>>To the best of my knowledge, all the machines were used as graphics
>>workstations. I've never seen that interface on a Mac before
>>though...any ideas what it might have been used for?
>I've seen at least one high end Kodak photo printer that used a 488
>interface with a Mac,

    I don't know about the MAC version but one of the Nikon 35mm slide
scanners uses a N.I. HP-IB card (model AT-GPIB) when connected to a PC.
That scanner is no longer sold but according to Nikon, it is THE highest
resolution scanner (2000 dpi IIRC) that Nikon ever made, at least for the PC.


but this is a heck of a guessing game compared to
>just firing up the mac and running something like TattleTech that reads the
>rom on the cards.
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