TV Tuner cards (on topic, honest :)

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 21:40:07 2000


   I had* a couple of Zydacron Z-220 CODEC Video Conferencing cards that
handled both NTSC and PAL. They didn't have TV tuners so I don't know if
they'd do what you wanted or not. *I say had because I JUST sold them. The
guy told me today that he wanted both of them. I think I may have one more
but I'm not sure. I posted a picture and a brief description of them at


At 03:11 PM 12/14/00 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I thought I had a great idea the other day. Since the number of NTSC
>machines in my collection is growing and my little NTSC portable isn't the
>best of things to look at (3" screen!) I thought I'd get a TV tuner card for
>my PC that would allow me to connect up my PAL machines and my NTSC
>machines. Amongst other things this would let me do screen grabs of uncommon
>machine boot screens and the like for the museum.
>Problem - I can't find one anywhere! Does anyone know of a card that does
>BOTH PAL-I and NTSC or do I need to get 2 cards? And will 2 cards live
>happily together in the same box?
> - the Online Computer Museum
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