GS disks an' that.

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 23:07:26 2000

> > The easiest (and IMHO best) solution to this problem is to go to
> >
> > and for $69 purchase the focusdrive IIgs, which has system 6.0.1 already
> > on it. These drives are great. You'll need at least a 4 mb
> > memory expander to run it though.
> The original posting on this topic was from someone with an original "Woz"
> GS. Many "Woz" GSs were of the "ROM 00" type (the later versions were ROM 01
> and ROM 03). Apparently all versions of GS/OS require a minimum version of
> ROM 01.
Eww. I missed that detail. the one I'm parting out is a rom01 that has run
GSOS 6.0.1.

> The FAQ collection for the Apple II series of computers is among the most
> extensive available for any "vintage" system - there are over twenty
> individual text files making up the full FAQ list. Among other things, it
> contains a thorough discussion of the various methods of transferring files
> to and from any Apple II series computer, right down to the "how to"
> instructions. An updated version of the full FAQ list "appears" on
> comp.sys.apple2 around the beginning of every month.

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