RJ21 to AppleTalk?

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Thu Dec 14 22:30:44 2000

>There is still a fair bit of information about this equipment on Farallon's
>web site. As you probably realize, one has to consider that only a very
>large Localtalk network warrants the trouble of setting up a StarController
>and its associated cabling. My office still has a "decommissioned" one,
>which hasn't seen service since we switched to using ethernet.

Thats just it, I have all this quite expensive at one time, completely
neato, designed for a huge LocalTalk/PhoneNet office complex hardware, and
I WANT to play with it. For no sane reason, but I have it, so I desire it
to function in the manner it was intended. My StarRouter for example
bridges one line of 10bt to 12 or more networks of PhoneNet (whole
networks, not just devices). I've never actually seen a LocalTalk/PhoneNet
network that large, and kind of wonder how common outside of SillyCon
Valley they were.
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