TV cards/WOZ disks

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 12:09:40 2000

Adrian Graham skrev:

>It's the official C= D23 to red/white/yellow RCA type connectors to plug
>into a 1084 monitor or any CVBS supporting monitor like the Philips CM8833.

It would be rather silly venture to plug a composite signal into a 1084 or an
8833. Granted, it would certainly work (I do that, for technical reasons), but
these monitors will happily accept RGB, and should be fed accordingly.
BTW, there is already a monochrome composite out on the A500, so you could
plug it into any household appliance, assuming you'll be happy with greyscale.
If not, get an A520 RF modulator for RF and composite out, or if you've got an
RGB monitor, wire or buy a fitting cable.

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