GS disks an' that.

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 16:24:09 2000

Adrian Graham skrev:

>> From: "Iggy Drougge" <>
>> Subject: RE: First personal computer nostalgia
>> I'm sorry, but I feel it's nitpicking time...
>> I've never heard of an Atari 1050ST before, nor of a 1 MB
>> hard drive fitted to
>> an ST. OTOH, there is the Atari 1040ST, which had 1 MB of RAM.

>And you *could* get HDs for them too; can't remember their product
>designation OTTOMH but a swift look at the Atari Historical Society should
>tell you. Maybe it was a Falcon!

You certainly could, and I've never claimed otherwise. The Atari designation
should be SH-**, IIRC. I've never heard of Atari or any other hardware
producer supplying a 1MB HD for the ST, though. It seems really pointless,
considering that it would be the same size as the built-in disk drive.

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