Professors worry that engineering students don't tinker

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 17:27:13 2000

Tony Duell skrev:


>> >> Is this a "VCR" system?
>> >That depends on what you mean by 'VCR system' (and Philips themselves
>> >changed the meaning a few times).
>> Pre-Video2000 arcane square cassette home video system.

>Yes, that's the N1500 alright :-)

Surely there were other models, too?

>> very much, thank you. OTOH, I've got a Sony Betacam cassette sporting the
>> numbers 500 here (I haven't got a recorder to test it, it's just for pre-
>> emptive pruposes). Could it really hold 500 minutes on such a single-side=
>> d,
>> miniscule cassette?

>I thought the number on Betamax cassettes gave the length in feet or
>something. Certaily I remember using L750 cassettes, and they were not
>750 minutes long.

Indeed there is no correlation. I found a lot of ? tapes today, and the 500 is
only 225 minutes, IIRC. We can't have that, can we?

>> >The electronics, though is rather complicated. Part of this is due to th=
>> e
>> >fact that the machines are old enough that there weren't single-chip
>> >ASICs for many functions -- there are a lot of fairly simple chips and a
>> >couple of microcontrollers inside. The electronics is all plug-in cards,
>> >with functions like IF strip, audio, luminance, chrominance, tape servo,
>> >head servo, timer, tuner control, etc. Yes I do have the service manual.
>> Ooh, I love plug-in architectures in home electronics. Once disassembled =

>I love it for _everything_.

True, but they don't show up as often in home electronics. These aren't built
to be servicable.

>> But wasn't V2000 a tad late in the race? IIRC, it came in '82, when home =

>Yes... (like the 6809 CPU, and various other good designs)

The 6809 wasn't too late for the 8-bit micro race, was it?

>History has shown time and again that you can either develop a poor
>design and get it out into the marketplace, or spend some time doing the
>job properly and be late. And, alas, the early designs always seem to
>'win' :-( :-(.

Mind you, Philips did both, didn't they? The VCR was the firs thome video
system, wasn't it? I wouldn't know if it was a poor design, though.

>> Does anyone manufacture modern V2k systems? =3D)

>Not that I know of :-(. The main (only) manufacturers were Philips and
>Grundig. I've seen service manuals for both (although the only actual
>machines I've opened up are Philips), and it appears that the Philips
>machines were much better built.

Oh, where did I put that electronics mag with reviews of the entire first
batch of Video2000 recorders... Didn't Bang & Olufsen make one, too? Of
course, I suspect they used a mechanism from one of the bigger manufacturers.

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