Kaypro-4 differences

From: R. D. Davis <rdd_at_smart.net>
Date: Sat Dec 16 16:35:43 2000


Today I collected a Kaypro-4 that I notice is different from my
present Kaypro-4. If it makes any difference, there's a rounf "84"
sticker following Kaypro-4... is this a Kaypro-4 "84", whatever that
is? In addition to two serial, and one parallel, ports, has a reset
button and a fan in the back panel. Haven't time to open it up and
look inside yet, but I wonder what other differences I'll discover -
from what I could quickly tell with a flashlight, it didn't appear too
unusual. Alas, it didn't come with floppies.

Other finds: an Apple Macintosn LC with an RGB monitor and an IBM PC
Aptiva model S15 (I know, this doesn't qualify as a classic... I think
it was made in 1994), which I bought primarily since the price was
lower than the value of the Soundblaster-16 board, WD Caviar 2700 hard
drive and 4x CD-ROM. Didn't determine the CPU in it yet, as the silicone
between the IC and heat-sink was covering it up.

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