DEC VT-180 "Robin" system / finding a DEC VT-100

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sun Dec 17 14:10:02 2000

From: Michael Passer <>
>> I do it all the time. The VT180 card can be modded for standalone.
>> It requires power, connectors and a simple source of reset.
>> Allison
>Cool! I had no idea that's all that was drawn from the VT-100.

Yes basically the VT100 is used for the terminal and power.

>So the keyboard and display talk over the serial bus to the 180
>board as a terminal?

No bus. There are 4 serial ports on the VT180 card, one for the VT100
as console and the other three as Printer, AUX and terminal. The
port allows setting it as a plalin terminal.

>I always thought that the VT-180 board
>took over the keyboard and display rather than using the VT-100
>as a terminal.

Thank about that again, it does. However the Vt180 board allows for a
pass through mode so you can still have a vanilla VT100.

The VT180 only expects the terminal to respond to ESC[5n as that
gives a status (vt100 selftest status) back. Fake the response and
anything works.

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