Semicon storage

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>On Sun, 17 Dec 2000, Richard A. Cini wrote:
>> So, I realize that there's a problem here. I need to number the
>> tubes and re-sort the chips. But, while I'm going throught this I
>> wanted to get some ideas for "a better way." Does anyone use a formal
>> inventory system? How do you track the tubes and chips?
>So unless you really worry about static, get one of those multi-drawer
>storage cabinets that has like 10 rows of like 8 little drawers each,
>usually used to hold screws or whatnot.
>That way you can just label the front of each drawer with what IC it

I've learned over 30 years that antistatic meaures even for TTL is
a good idea. However it was about 18 years ago it was proven to me
that mild ESD hits to even TTL degrades them.

I line the bins with black foam or Al foil.

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