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From: John Tinker <>
Date: Sun Dec 17 16:44:42 2000

> >On Sun, 17 Dec 2000, Richard A. Cini wrote:
> >
> >> So, I realize that there's a problem here. I need to number the
> >> tubes and re-sort the chips. But, while I'm going throught this I
> >> wanted to get some ideas for "a better way." Does anyone use a formal
> >> inventory system? How do you track the tubes and chips?

For chips I use tubes, because I received several hundred of them once as a

As far as sorting things, my general principle is to do so as necessary, and
not over-do it. It is important to never be in too big of a hurry to find
anything when using this system. It helps me take a more zen approach, and
keeps me from being tapped too often for widgets, because most of my friends
don't have the patience to wait while I find them. However, I find that if I
can establish gravitational centers for certain types of objects, I am able
to approximate my way toward what I am looking for, and my eye will pick out
the appropriate object on its own. So I don't worry about having several
part numbers in the same drawer, but not too many. When there get to be "too
many", I sub-divide them into several categories to bring it back to a
managable mess. When I can't find something I know I have, I go back into
organizational mode for while.

I once concluded that I needed a spreadsheet with several columns: what an
item is (generic type and specific identifier), where it is, and quantities
if the item is a collection of similar items. Being currently
self-unemployed, I'm actually working on this now, although slowly.
Containers are treated as items in their own right. Containers can be put
inside of other containers. A drawer is a container, as is the cabinet it
fits into, as is the room where the cabinet is. Then the idea is to then
adjust the representation of the inventory in unison with adjustments of
real inventory. That's always been the fatal flaw for me. However if it is
maintained, such a spreadsheet is easily sorted to find availability and
location. For me the driving inspiration is that somebody else might be able
to find something in my mess. Well, if they could find it, I don't suppose
it would still be considered a mess, would it?

-- John Tinker
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