Fault-tolerant computers (supposedly)

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Tue Dec 19 07:48:54 2000

 " Florida Vote-O-Matic booths"

  The problem wasn't the voting machines. It was that a lot of voters
couldn't even manage to poke a hole in the paper card (or they made more
than one hole in a single catagory). For some strange reason, this occurred
mainly in heavily Democratic precincts. I'll let you draw your own
conclusions about that.

     Joe in Florida,

At 03:05 PM 12/18/00 -0500, John wrote:
>> that ran the original DIA baggage system...
>Could it be that you have a machine even more
>despised than the Florida Vote-O-Matic booths
>with the special decis-E-rase buffer pads...
>...Uuuh forget it.
>John A.
>Would like to get my hands on
>one of those and a steam roller.
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