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>Date: 09/03/99-07:23:55 AM Z
>>I like the idea of a router in the pen part of a plotter - but it's a lot
>>mass for the pen carriage to move around!
>Am working on a router table based on the HP 7225A single pen 8 1/2"x11"
>flatbed plotter. To make architectural models out of foam etc.
>Built an aluminum gantry-crane type arrangement that supports a Dremel tool.
>Tried to keep mass and friction low as possible. Connected it to the plotter
>with a pantograph arrangement.
>The plotter will drive the dremel tool well at slow speed. HOWEVER, when
>the plotter gets the message "PU" pen up, it RACES to the next x,y
>coordinate. This quick movement throws calibration and accuracy off.


    I've used a HP 7550 plotter attached to a PC running Windows 3.1. You
can specify both the acceration and maximum pen speed in the Win 3.1
"Printer Setup".

>The other problem is printing from a Windows CAD program to an old plotter
>like this.

   You might try telling the computer that it's a 7550 plotter since they
both use HP-GL. The 7550 has automatic sheet feed but I think you can
disable that in the "Printer Setup". The 7225 definitely won't be able to
match the 7550 in pen speed and acceleration so you'll have to do some
tweaking there.

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