Snipe S/W?

From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Dec 19 16:50:04 2000

Dave McGuire wrote:
> Is sniping morally wrong? I dunno, ask a priest. Is it rude?
> Definitely. But there are SO many people who do it, screw it. If you

IMNSHO, there is nothing wrong at all wrong with sniping. OTOH not sniping
is, for the most part, just the sign of an inexperienced bidder. Why snipe?
The main reason is there is always someone out there willing to push a bit
just to see if they can get the bid. That is really hard to do when you
don't place your bid until the last moment :)! Personally, I think it
*really stupid* of Ebay and other sites not to allow a sealed proxy bid so
the only thing showing is that a bid has been made. From the sellers
perspective, it would probably result in higher prices. A lot of people,
myself included, will put something out with "no idea" of what it might be
worth and start the bid low. Let those that know set the price .. or get a
bargain as the case might be :)!!!
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