Atari questions from non-Atari person

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Dec 19 13:28:14 2000

Gareth Knight skrev:

>Lawrence Walker wrote:
>> Whoa, what magazines pray tell. I thought all of the ST zines had
>> folded their cards or were unfulfilled launches.

>I meant PC magazines. I saw Calamus 9x on the cover of Computer Music. As

Computer Music? Why Calamus?

>Iggy wrote in a previous mail, the only remaining ST mag is a German
>subscription-only. The Mix has stopped their ST coverage (AFAIK) and
>Computer Shopper replaced their ST section with a section on Palm OS'.

>On a related note, Slashdot mentions that an Atari 800XL is being used by a
>Czech hospital for heart diagnostics (and the occasional game of The Lone
>Raider :).

While we're on the topic of eight-bit Ataris, I believe that there is such a
mag in Germany, too. I suppose it's rather at the fanzine level, but print is
always more fun than HTML. =)

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