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From: Neil Cherry <ncherry_at_home.net>
Date: Tue Dec 19 19:29:03 2000

Mike Kenzie wrote:

> > I still haven't figured out why I will tolerate an XT
> > running DOS loading
> > Word Perfect yet I get ticked off waiting for my laptop to
> > load a doc
> > with Microsoft Word (OK so the XT is faster :-).
> The price difference may have something to do with it, My
> 'new' XT cost me .56 cdn the laptop much much much more and
> it doesn't deliver a proportionate increase in features or
> performance.

I bought neither, the XT was a trash find, the laptop one of my tools
for work. But the point is well taken and one I had not considered.

One thing that I have noticed is that I tend to be more tolerant of
the speed problem. Most times it is a problem with resources, in this
case the laptop doesn't have enough RAM. I am trying to fix that but I'm
finding that the bureaucracy within my employer to be more frustrating
than the problem.

It's also made me a good lab pack rat :-). I roam the halls and find
machines that are being tossed out (within the company). I pick them
up part them out and salvage what I can. I then toss the shell and
let accounting do it's thing. They get the write off, we get parts
for doing our work (it just makes it easier). Of course it's getting
tougher to make repairs on the newer equipment. So as it ages I do
what I can.

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