$3551 Sol???

From: Neil Cherry <ncherry_at_home.net>
Date: Tue Dec 19 19:35:57 2000

Iggy Drougge wrote:
> Neil Cherry skrev:
> >I amy have bid too much for my ATR800 (~$350) but that's because of
> >sedimental reasons. I also haven't seen too many ATR8000's for sale
> >or bid so I may not have doen too badly (it was a complete system
> >with software, drives and Atari 800).
> ATR800? Is that the transputer workstation?

Argh! That's an ATR8000, it's a CPM machine that used the Atari 800 as
a terminal. The Atari could also access the drives connected to the
Z80. The Atari normally uses a serially attached drive while the ATR
used a normal (?? :-) floppy interface.

Sorry for the confusion, my typing has been getting worse (note the
"amy" in the first line of my previous message).

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