Snipe S/W?

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Wed Dec 20 01:18:22 2000

On December 19, Ernest wrote:
> I have a very low opinion of bid snipers. They're like the proverbial "bad
> apples" that spoil it for everyone. I believe that most new bidders on ebay
> go into it with honest intentions but they (like me) learn quickly that a
> last second bid sniper will likely ruin the joy for them. Bid sniping is a

  I think you're missing the point...the notion of "it's not whether
you win or lose, it's how you play the game" is something that parents
say to their children to stop them from crying when they lose. It has
nothing to do with eBay.

  For buyers, eBay is a venue for getting things that they want. For
sellers, it's a venue for getting rid of things they don't want. It's
not there for "enjoyment" or "fun" or anything of the sort. If
there's something on eBay that you want, the effort (and money) that
you expend to get it is determined by how badly you want the item.
It's really as simple as that.

  Ernest, as a frequent sniper, I sincerely apologize to you on behalf
of other snipers for ruining your experiences. But please try to see
it from the other's a means to an end, it's nothing

             -Dave McGuire
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