Painting a VT-100 ?

From: Jarkko Hermanni Teppo <>
Date: Wed Dec 20 01:24:05 2000

Hello all!

I'm a proud owner of two 102's and I just found a VT-100 (sans keyboard) and
all of them have the same cosmetic problem ie. they're yellow. Different
shades of yellow, one is mildly yellow, one is dark yellow etc.

So, can anyone tell what was the original color (of the case, in case you
didn't figure that out from my pretty poor English) in either approximated
terms ("eye blinding white") or in something like Pantone:)

I'd like to paint one of those VT's to get it as close as possible to the
original color (I know you were thinking about flames and stuff when you saw
the subject line. I did) I just don't know the correct shade.

Re: computers and movies
 I think that Terminator II had a big bunch of HP 7925's blown up, they
were those dishwasher sized disk drives. And WarGames had a couple
of Televideo 950's (VT-100 like case but narrower). Does anyone know
anything about the vector graphics used for big screens in the war room ?

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