Snipe S/W?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 05:05:38 2000

>> Ernest, as a frequent sniper, I sincerely apologize to you on behalf
>>of other snipers for ruining your experiences. But please try to see
>>it from the other's a means to an end, it's nothing
>But do the end justify the means? I have also found it an unpleasurable
>experience to lose something which I have put a bid on in some cases several
>weeks ago, only to be outbid at the very last minute, possibly when I'm at

Fantasy is often pleasurable, but on eBay NOTHING matters until the last 30
seconds or less. Either play the game, or bid your max.

New nasty bidding technique I just started playing with tonight. Search for
an item, sort by price ascending, then work through all the buy it now
listings and make your kill on the fresh meat.
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