Snipe S/W?

From: Ernest <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 08:47:05 2000

>>>Ernest, as a frequent sniper, I sincerely apologize to you on behalf
>>>of other snipers for ruining your experiences. But please try to see
>>>it from the other's a means to an end, it's nothing

Oh, I know. Getting mugged isn't personal either, it's just a means to an

>Fantasy is often pleasurable, but on eBay NOTHING matters until the last 30
>seconds or less. Either play the game, or bid your max.

Yep. That's what I was saying -ebay should only allow bids to be made in the
last 30 seconds. You could still place your max bid earlier, or try for it
in the last 30 seconds but ebay would only tally the bids once it reaches
the last 30 seconds of the bid.

...and like every fantasy, most of learn at a young age that there will
always be someone to ruin it for us. That's why snipping is self
perpetuating -if you know that there's going to be a jerk at the end no
matter what you do, the jerk might as well be you. Thus, the snipping

>New nasty bidding technique I just started playing with tonight. Search for
>an item, sort by price ascending, then work through all the buy it now
>listings and make your kill on the fresh meat.

I don't see that as nasty. You're just looking for items that you can buy
outright. That is a completely different thing. "Buy it Now" is straight
forward and honest. Snipping is crooked and mean spirited.

I'm not an idealist about this stuff. I know that most people are basically
self centered and self interested. The part that bothers me is that, since
sneakiness and this sort of borderline deceit doesn't come naturally to me,
I was caught with my mouth open when the pie hit my face -so to speak, and I
felt stupid for not knowing better, for not assuming that people will always
find a way to beat the system at everyone elses expense. I was left feeling
foolish and gullable when I should have known better -that's what really
annoys me.

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