Comments? VAX pages

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 16:05:14 2000

>I'm trying to put together some pages on the VAX and have put them
>up under my computers section
><>. One of the pages is a
>pricing guide for VAXen :-) Now that should start an interesting
>discussion :-)

I don't have much to say about your VAX pages,
but the PDP-5 stuff caught my eye. I foolishly allowed
a friend to dismantle one many years ago; all I got
out of the deal was the front panel. Mine doesn't have
those rectangular slots(?) over on the left side and
one of the switches is different (it's got a really
long handle on it); I forget which switch.

It's my understanding that the modules the PDP-5 are
built out of are called System Modules. They predate
the flip-chip modules.

Roger Ivie
Not speaking for TeraGlobal Communications Corporation
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