Old SGI's?!

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Thu Dec 21 16:13:46 2000

On Dec 21, 10:57, Mark Green wrote:
> On Dec 21, 12:27, LFessen106_at_aol.com wrote:

> > Neither one has a KB, Mouse or Monitor, and although a decent SVGA
> > fine, I can't for the life of me find the KB/Mouse for these anywhere
> > have the ps2 style connector, but are *not* ps2 compatable).

Mark has answered that. All I will add is that (apart from the PS/2
keytboards and mice used on Indigo^2, Indy, O2, and later) keyboards for
different 4D machines and original Indigos differ only in the plug fitted.

You could try Greg Douglas at www.reputable.com or Doug Mashek (look in the
comp.sys.sgi.* newsgroups; you'll find them).

> > from one to the other? I read somewhere there was a prom command to
> > duplicate hard drives???

Not exactly. If the drives have *exactly the same* geometry (you can check
this by using the standalone fx command that may be included in partition
8) then you can use cp from the prom to copy the entire disk. Otherwise,
format (only if necessary!), label, and partition the drive (using fx,
either from the prom or IRIX) then do a mkfs on it, and finally you can use
tar to copy one filesystem to another. IRIX tar -- at least in 5.3 and
possibly in 4.0.x -- is smart enough to "do the right thing" for entries in

> > Is there someone on the list willing to part with an old copy of Irix?
> > machines will only run up to 5.0.3 I think.

Up to 5.3; I don't think there is a 5.0.3. 5.3 came on CDs, so start
looking for a SCSI CD-ROM that can be fixed in hardware to do 512-byte
blocks. Older Toshibas are excellent for this. Some Apple, Sun and DEC
CD-ROM drives may work too -- there's a document at
ftp://viz.tamu.edu/pub/sgi about this (and lots more).

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