Tektronix 8002 uProcessor Lab

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Thu Dec 21 20:53:49 2000


    No that's a completely different thing. I have one of those too but
take a look at "http://www.intellistar.net/~rigdonj/tek/tek8002.htm".


At 10:18 PM 12/21/00 +0000, you wrote:
>> Does anyone have one of these or is anyone familar with them? I just
>I have something similar.
>The box with the floppy drive(s) (or maybe a Micropolis 1200 hard disk in
>place of one of the floppies) is essentially a PDP11. There's a real DEC
>CPU card (normally an PDP11/03, sometimes an 11/23) CPU card in there,
>along with special Tektronix cards containing RAM, boot ROMs, disk
>controller, serial ports, etc. The backplane has one normal DEC Q-bus
>slot for the CPU and some Tektronix slots for the other cards.
>The other box can contain a variety of options -- EPROM programmer,
>in-circuit emulator(s), logic analyser, and so on. The 2 units communicate
>by a high speed (for the time) serial link.
>TekDOS is (IIRC) a much hacked RT11. There's also TNIX (which needs the
>11/23 CPU and maybe a hard disk) which is a hacked Unix.
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