Tektronix 8002 uProcessor Lab

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Thu Dec 21 21:51:17 2000

   I have to take a look at the CPU on this one but I'm pretty sure that
these don't use the DEC CPU. The model that uses the DEC CPU is a Tek 8560
or somrthing like that. I have one of them too but It's not here so I can't
check the model number.


At 06:04 PM 12/21/00 -0500, you wrote:
>On December 21, Tony Duell wrote:
>> > Does anyone have one of these or is anyone familar with them? I just
>> I have something similar.
>> The box with the floppy drive(s) (or maybe a Micropolis 1200 hard disk in
>> place of one of the floppies) is essentially a PDP11. There's a real DEC
>> CPU card (normally an PDP11/03, sometimes an 11/23) CPU card in there,
>> along with special Tektronix cards containing RAM, boot ROMs, disk
>> controller, serial ports, etc. The backplane has one normal DEC Q-bus
>> slot for the CPU and some Tektronix slots for the other cards.
> What?? REALLY? Damn, I passed up one at a hamfest this past
>summer. I really regret it now. That sounds like a really neat
>system. I had no idea Tek embedded DEC processors in their
>development systems.
> -Dave McGuire
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