Rubber rejuvinent?

From: Jay Jaeger <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 23:51:56 2000

I got a couple of bottles of "Rubber Rejuvenator / Platen Cleaner" made by
Tech Spray. Their part number is 1612-2SQ -- 2 oz bottle. The
ingredients, according to the bottle, are D-Limonene and Chlorinated paraffin.

It helped the internal rollers on my HP card reader quite a bit, but did
not return the pick roller (which currently has a consistency somewhere
between silly putty and glue -- anybody got one of these things that hasn't
turned to glue yet?) to a usable state, though it even helped that just a

Use at your own risk. It is marked "For professional or industrial use only".

Non Ozone depleting. 8-)

Can only be shipped via ground. I got my thru Newark Electronics.

Jay Jaeger

At 07:40 PM 12/21/00 -0800, Mike Ford wrote:
>Any opinions on "rubber rejuvinent"? I want to give all my printers a once
>over during the holidays, and I've heard this stuff is just the ticket for
>lazy pickup rollers etc. Web searchs have shown a couple different aerosol
>products, but I think it also comes in bottles. Tomorrow I do some local
>hunting at a couple big electronics parts stores. Anybody have experience,
>or preferences?

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