Rubber rejuvinent?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 23:55:33 2000

Since most of those rollers are Styrene Butadiene rubber or something
equally synthetic, a wipe with benzene might do as well as anything. That's
sold as rubber cement thinner. Back in the days when we drew
schematics/board layouts with pen and ink on a drawing board, I used it to
remove the tape residue from my drawing board. Art supply stores sell it
for about 5x the price of the Sanford rubber cement thinner under the
tradename Bestine, which may no longer be available due to its toxicity.

Spot removers of various types might be worth a look, too. I once thought I
needed to soften my printer's rubber surfaces in the paper path, and gave
the benzene/rubber-cement-thinner a try. It seemed to work and didn't do
any noticeable damage.


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Subject: Rubber rejuvinent?

> Any opinions on "rubber rejuvinent"? I want to give all my printers a once
> over during the holidays, and I've heard this stuff is just the ticket for
> lazy pickup rollers etc. Web searchs have shown a couple different aerosol
> products, but I think it also comes in bottles. Tomorrow I do some local
> hunting at a couple big electronics parts stores. Anybody have experience,
> or preferences?
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