3 inch floppy drive?

From: Don Maslin <donm_at_cts.com>
Date: Fri Dec 22 00:49:42 2000

On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, Joe wrote:

> Is anyone familar with the 3" floppy drives? Is that what these
> "http://www.intellistar.net/~rigdonj/misc/3-inch.jpg" are? I pulled them
> out of a Loral 1553 bus analyzer. As you can see from the photo, a standard
> 3.5" floppy disk is too large for them. Do these use the same interface as
> the 3.5" drives? How many tracks do these support? Does anyone have a
> couple of 3" disks that they're willing to part with?
Joe, looked at your pix and they appear to be DS drives with a 34-pin
edge connector - doubtless standard. Double check the 5/12vdc thing,
but that is probably OK also. Sorry but I cannot help with disks as I
have no DS ones.
                                                 - don
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