Painting a VT-100 ?

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I usually use an abrasive to clean yellowed plastic. Scotchbrite pads and
Ajax work for me.

Your English is very good Jarkko! Your vocabulary and composition are
excellent. You even use your articles (the, a, an) without misusing or
overusing them. Many people with English as a second language simply give
up on the articles and speak or write without them - Yakov Smirnoff ;-).
While it is possible to speak well in English without articles, you'd come
off sounding William Shatner. "Use Bleach With Green Pads Scotty!" as
opposed to 'Use a green pad and some bleach'.....

Since your Ajax and Scotchbrite names are probably in Finnish, the first
is a (usually) green, flat, fibrous, abrasive pad used to wash dishes
with. The second is a household, powdered abrasive sometimes called
'scouring powder'. I like to use the kind with bleach as it helps whiten
the plastic.

This works particularly well on textured and matte surfaces, but might
dull a shiny surface.Try a test patch in an inconspicuous area first. My
premis in using abrasives is simply that the outer layer of plastic is
trashed beyond rejuvination. Removing it gently with a polishing method
removes this exposing fresh new skin.



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>I'm a proud owner of two 102's and I just found a VT-100 (sans keyboard)
>and all of them have the same cosmetic problem ie. they're yellow.
>Different shades of yellow, one is mildly yellow, one is dark yellow etc.

>So, can anyone tell what was the original color (of the case, in case you
>didn't figure that out from my pretty poor English) in either
>approximated terms ("eye blinding white") or in something like Pantone:)

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